OnlyOffice, Your Self-Hosted GSuite-like

Are you looking for alternative to GSuite from Google ?

Only Office logo

You can use Only Office. It has several features that also available at GSuite. They are :

  • Online editor
  • Document management
  • Email
  • CRM
  • Projects
  • Calendar

Few of them are paid and few others are available in community edition (which is free to download).

The server (core/base server?) it self, document, and mail server area available for free. These server can be installed on Linux or Docker platform.

Other Only Office tool that also available for free is Desktop Editors. This tool supports more wide-range platform, including Windows and MacOS. Still need other? The portable version is there. But, only Linux user can use it.

The bad news[0] is all of them are only available for 64 bit platform only. Except Windows Vista that is also supported in 32 bit.

You have to try.



Poor me 😦

0. This is bad for me for now because my 64 bit OS is broken and now can only work in 32 bit OS 😦


Memasang Inkscape 0.92 di Ubuntu 14.04

Ilustrasi yang dibuat menggunakan inkscape. (sumber: )

Baru-baru ini, inkscape merilis versi stabil terbarunya, yakni versi 0.92. Jika kita menggunakan distribusi GNU/Linux, pembaruan versi biasanya kita lakukan melalui kanal pembaruan yang sesuai dengan distribusi yang kita gunakan. Semisal, kali ini kita kan melakukan upgrade ke versi 0.92 pada distribusi Ubuntu 14.04 (Trusty Tahr).

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Freezing VIM

This is happen when I press Ctrl + S in your VIM. Cause VIM do not response any input. Means, VIM do not print (but still save) anything you typed. Even when you try to kill them (sending kill signal to VIM).

You can get back your VIM into “normal” condition by pressing Ctrl + Q. And viola.. VIM now print everything you typed before.

The reason is, as Michael Mrozek explained, pressing Ctrl + S will trigger xoff that will disable screen painting. This screen painting will be reenabled by  pressing Ctrl + Q (trigger xon).

Thank’s to Stackoverflow and all.